Wildlife / Animals

Badgers— every day, particularly at dusk up our private lane

Foxes—every day, particularly at dusk

Rabbits—every day—everywhere!

Squirrels—every day—everywhere!

Deer—sometimes seen across the fields surrounding the campsite from the top of the woodland

Woodpeckers (all UK breeds) – hear them knocking all year and see them on tree trunks

Owls— (many different breeds, including Barn Owl, Tawny Owl) – seen & heard in evening and night

Bats—seen swooping around the lake and the top of the main field in the summer

Buzzards—seen soaring above Brakes Coppice on warm days

Many birds—numerous breeds of tit, wagtails, nuthatches, redwings, jays, moorhens, mallards (by the lake in breeding season) and usual woodland and farm land breeds

Lizards—seen on the banks in sunlight on cooler days

Snakes—grass snakes seen on banks in sunlight on cooler days (typically by the lake) and slow worms

Small mammals—there are various breeds of mice, voles, squirrels and hedgehogs to see—some are near invisible though!

Insects—there are a huge variety of caterpillars, butterflies, bugs, beetles, glow-worms, slugs, ants, bees at Brakes Coppice throughout the year.  However, the dragonflies and damselflies are best seen during the Summer and we are lucky to have many species here.

Wildlife / Plants

Ferns—beautiful ferns in the woodland all year particularly around the stream

Orchids—Early-purple orchids can be seen in the smaller sections of wood around the camping fields and a huge number are found in the middle of the woods in the Spring

Daffodils—found in Spring

Bluebells—Brakes Coppice can boast having some beautiful bluebell woods, particularly in certain sections of the woodland in Spring (usually around Easter)

Wood Anemone– these carpet the woodland in the Spring before the bluebells emerge

Foxgloves—each year the foxgloves arrive, but they seem to be at their most brilliant on even-numbered years (eg. 2012) around June—September

Lesser celandine—seen in pockets of the woodland in Spring

Trees—we have many species of tree that look awesome throughout the year, but in particular during September and October.

At Brakes Coppice Park, we request that all campers and visitors to the site treat the
animals and plants with respect, this includes not feeding the animals.