Corona Virus ( Covid 19). Updated 14th September 2020

With the changes in guidance from the 14th September 2020 we will be adopting the following rules:
  1. Each Pitch can have a maximum of 6 people as per our current rules. No booking will be accepted with more than 6 persons on a pitch.
  2. Visitors on the park will only be allowed if they sign in with contact details at the time of arrival and park their vehicle at reception. Visitors are only allowed to increase the number of people on a pitch to a maximum of 6. Ie if there is 4 people staying on a pitch we will only allow a maximum of 2 people to visit at any one time. Other rules in relation to visitors still apply.
  3. We expect all of our guests to adhere to the government guidelines in respect of social distancing and will ask anyone to leave the park who blatantly disregards the legislation.

Please remain safe and remember social distancing

Kind regards

Jules and Des